ACTA – European SOPA tries to violate worldwide rights.

It would be silly of me to tell you what Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) is about, because you can’t miss it right now. The internet is abuzz with protest about SOPA, PIPA and ACTA right now, with good reason. SOPA and PIPA were recently defeated after mass outcry from people all across the world, and it’s time to do the same for ACTA.

Why you should care:

  • The ACTA bill was drafted and negotiated in secret, violating the principles of a transparent leadership.
  • It gives governments the right to perform invasive searches of your person or property without probable cause or warrant.
  • It forces ISPs to maintain logs of your assigned IP addresses and perform deep packet inspection on your traffic.
  • It breaches numerous communications privacy rights.
  • It is written in vague legal terms, allowing for twisting the rules to fit individual agendas.

So, if you feel the same as I do, and want to help prevent ACTA from becoming law, click the image below to act against ACTA. Update: Please sign this petition too: Just say no to ACTA.

Act Against ACTA.


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